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Magic Wand magic tricks 

Watch the videos below to learn how to perform the magic tricks that come with your Birthday Party Magic, Magic Wand
The Age Prediction Magic Trick
The age prediction trick is found on the back of the wand pack. This is loads of fun and can also be used as a number prediction trick.
The Changing Size Magic Trick
The changing size magic trick is found on the front bottom of the wand pack.
This is heaps of fun and super easy to perform giving you endless by surprising all your friends.
Once you have mastered the tricks that came with your magic wand, you can also give these other tricks a try.
Let me know about the fun you are having with these magic tricks. I always love to hear how budding magicians are going.

If you have any questions dont be shy in asking. The way every magician learns is by asking questions.

Remember that magic is about having sharing and amazing your audience. 
Enjoy the fun !!!
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 You can also learn these fun magic tricks

Here are some videos and some downloads that will teach you how to do some cool magic tricks.
Some are a little more advanced that others, but I suggest you try them all and practise them. These are some of the first magic tricks that I learnt.
These videos are from a good friend of mine, Julian Mather, who is a Birthday Party Magician in Brisbane, Australia.

Have fun!!!
This a simple but fun little routine that I still sometimes use in my shows
This one is very easy but a lot of fun
This is a great trick that has amazing results with just a little practice
I have always loved this trick,
This is a slightly tricky balloon rabbit, but once you get it you will be able to take on any balloon twisting challenge